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Since its creation in 1987, JBA Production has explored new cinematographic worlds, focused on new talent uniting high stakes in both content and cinematic form. In this way, we have produced more than 110 films.

Fiction emerged through the continuity of our documentary work and in the same orientation. In our early years, we produced "Ni con Dios, ni con el Diablo"(Peru), "Tinpis Run"(Papua New Guinea) and "Les Enfants du Diable" (France). In 1994 at the Cannes Film Festival, three films we produced were presented in the Official Selection. Two first films, "Les Gens de la Rizière" by Rithy Panh (Cambodia), "Xime" by Sana N'Nhada (Guinea-Bissau) and "Bab el Oued City", the fifth feature by Merzak Allouache, a witness to the mounting violence of his native Algeria.

In the same spirit, since 1994 we produced "Flame", first feature from a Zimbabwe filmmaker, and "Salut Cousin!" by Merzak Allouache, two films selected by Cannes’ Directors’ Fortnight in 1996; "Fools", the first feature by a young Black South African filmmaker, which won the 1997 Locarno Festival’s Silver Leapord ; "Le Complot d'Aristote", second film by a young Cameroun filmmaker, selected by both Toronto and Sundance ; "La Danse du Vent", first film by young Indian filmmaker Rajan Khosa, presented at the 1997 Venice Festival ; "Un Soir après la Guerre" by Rithy Panh, second film of a trilogy on the generation sacrificed by a particularly cruel interminable war (Cannes 1998 - Official Selection) ; "Corps Plongés" by Raoul Peck, the Haitian director of "L'Homme sur les Quais" (Cannes 1993), "Les Mutants" by Teresa Villaverde (Cannes 1998 – Official Selection), "Ombre et Pénombre" by Pankaj Butalia (Venice 1999), "Lumumba" by Raoul Peck (Cannes 2000 – Directors’ Fortnight) ; "Capitaines d'Avril" by Maria de Medeiros, first film by the actress on Portugal’s 1974 « Carnation Revolution » (Cannes 2000 – Official Selection) ; "Pau et son Frère" by Catalan filmmaker Marc Recha (Cannes 2001 - Competition) ; "Une part du ciel", first feature by young Belgian director Bénédicte Liénard (Cannes 2002 – Official Selection) ; "Des Plumes dans la tête", first feature by young Belgian filmmaker Thomas de Thier (Cannes 2003 – Directors’ Fortnight) ; "Les mains vides" by Marc Recha (Cannes 2003 – Official Selection), Patricio Guzman’s feature documentary "Salvador Allende" (Cannes 2004 – Official Selection), "Zulu Love Letter" by Ramadan Suleman (Venice 2004 – Official Selection), "Salt of this Sea" by Annemarie Jacir (Cannes 2008 – Official Selection) and "Salamandra" by Pablo Agüero (Cannes 2008 – Directors’ Fortnight) "Face" by Tsai Ming Liang, (off. selection, in competition Cannes 2009), "Corpo Celeste" by Alice Rohrwacher (Directors' fortnight Cannes 2011), "The repentant" by Merzak Allouache (Directors’ Fortnight Cannes 2012), "A respectable family" by Massoud Bakhshi (Directors’ Fortnight Cannes 2012), "Virgem Margarida" by Licinio Azevedo (Toronto), "Carne de perro" by Fernando Guzzoni (Best Film San Sebastian New Directors), "The rooftops" by Merzak Allouache (Venice 2013 in competition), "Stray dogs" by Tsai Ming-Liang (Venice 2013 in competition Grand Prix of the Jury Silver Lion), "Rising voices" by Benedicte Liénard and Mary Jimenez (Belgium) and "Eva doesn't sleep" by Pablo Agüero (Argentina) in competition at the San Sebastian Film Festival 2015.

A big line-up for a structure when taking into consideration that we also continue to produce yearly documentaries for television, such as "Tales from a Hard City", a Marseille 1994 prize-winner; "My Vote is My Secret", a Cinéma du Réel 1995 prize-winner ; "People from the shantytowns", awarded Best Doc at Scam 1996 ; "Our friends at the bank", 1998 Silver Fipa, "The Medellin notebooks" Prize and Public Prize at Nyon 98 ; "Justice", Prix Michel Mitrani at Fipa 99 ; "My American Family", in Competition at Nyon and Marseilles 2000 ; "Profit and nothing but !", selected at Input 2001 ; « Taxi parisien» (2002), « God, Dollar, Flag & Dog » (2005) by Robert Bozzi, "Notes from a kurdish rebel" by Stefano Savona, Scam Prize Cinéma du Réel 2006, "Fucking Sheffield" by Kim Flitcroft, "Heureux qui connut Nice" by Robert Bozzi, "The Energumen" by Jean-Loïc Portron and "Cain's Children" by Marcell Gerö (Hungary).

November 2015: Two films are in post-production, the second feature by the young chilian director Fernando Guzzoni "Jesus" and a documentary of 60 minutes for Arte "Born Free" directed by a workshop of young south african filmmakers. Two others are in development "Sow the wind" by the italian director Danilo Caputo and "Yalda" second feature by the iranian director Massoud Bakhshi.

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Les Enfants du Diable
by Claude-Timon Gaignaire