SALVADOR ALLENDE by Patricio Guzman
BAB EL OUED CITY by Merzak Allouache
RICE PEOPLE de Rithy Panh

are since September marketed by JBA Edition


In 2004, with the name JBA Edition, we took the decision to set up a DVD publishing department in order to give our films a new lease of life and with the hope of opening this department to other independant producers.

Already published by JBA Edition:

a feature film by Jean-Pierre Bekolo
70 mn / DVD 5 – color – 16/9 - in english with french subtitles
When Essemba Tourneur, an accursed moviemaker driven out of Europe, goes back home, everything seems to have changed drastically. He discovers in amazement that the old movie theater is now occupied by a gang who ingests American movies all day long. Essemba decides to recover the premises in order to project African movies. For their part, the hoodlums who have been expelled from town and deprived of movies, are getting bored. They thus decide to strip Essemba’s theater and to open a makeshift cinema in the village where they took refuge. Unfortunately, their loot is only made of African movies. With an aching heart, they project them to the villagers who love them. Essemba decides to get his movies back and to settle Cinema and his gang, thus slipping in spite of himself into a real fiction in the American style.
Bonus: Djibril Diop Lalbety in “La grammaire de grand-mère” – 8mn French version

a feature film by Raoul Peck
96 mn - DVD 9 - Pal - color - format 16/9 - english and french version, french and english subtitles
Chase Dellal was just a little girl when she left Haiti. Her past remains for her an unexplained child's nightmare. A coroner in New York City, she spends her time every day next to vic tims of a violence that strikes the weakest, and defends her integrity in a world rotting with an inexorable corruption. She's bored with her comfortable but aimless relationship with Ralph, a married man, judge in the state court and ambitious politician. Everything turns upside down with Dimitri appears, after a ten-year absence...

un long-métrage de Rajan Khosa
90 mn - DVD 5 - Pal - color - format 4/3 - vo hindi, english subtitles, stt français, son stéréo
Pallavi, a young Indian musician, studies classical music with her mother. Her mother dies and the young girl loses her voice. The only way she can keep on singing is by meeting up with her mother’s teacher, an old indiscernible and mystical man. With the help of this wise man and thanks to her own determination, she will learn the real spiritual dimension of music, a sacred oral tradition; she will discover the mysteries of silence and will revive her lost voice.

DVD 9 - color - english version with french subtitles, in french for “God, dollar”
A documentary film by Robert Bozzi • 57mn
Crossing the desert, I think about Ebby. After ten years of being separated by an ocean and a continent, I'm going back, back to my wife's home to shoot the film I promised her mother I'd make. It all started with a head-over-heels love-at-first-sight encounter. Margarey-Ethel and Ray-Gene were 16 when they got married. Colorado was born the following year, the oldest of their ten children. With pockets full of holes myself, I would have loved to have had a rich old American uncle, but love decided otherwise.I inherited a family of ten children in Las Vegas instead.
A documentary film by Robert Bozzi • 52 mn
I went to the West Coast of America to see what the war times looked like after 9-11. I took back my place between my wife Ebby and our dog Napoleon, in our house at the foot of the "French Man's Mountain". Living this life and spotting what had changed, I came back with four words upon which I kept stumbling : God, Dollar, Flag & Dog.

a feature film by Ingrid Sinclair
90 mn - DVD 9 - Pal - color - english version with french and german subtitles•
The story begins in a small village in Rhodesia (which will became Zimbabwe on April 18, 1980 after years of civil war), when the war is hotting up. The life of two teenage girls are changed when the father of one of them is detained by the Rhodesians. They decide to walk to Mozambique to join the struggle. Life in the camps is harsh. They training on equal terms with the men, take war names « Flame » and « Liberty », and all their place in the common fight. « Flame » is the story of how the independence of a country also became the independence of the women who fight for it.
Bonus: Interview with Ingrid Sinclair directed by Simon Bright - 22 mn

South-African Chronicles
A documentary film directed by Atelier Varan in Johannersburg managed by Andre Van Inn
DVD9 - Pal - in Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa with French subtitles - 100'
Twelve young film-makers coming from various South African communities show us chronicles during the violence of apartheid.
My vote is my secret
On the 27th of April 1994, the first free election took place in South Africa.Three young film-makers followed the event wich changed the lives of 30 million black and mixed-race South Africans.

A documentary film by Peter Chappell
DVD9 - Ntsc - in English with French/Spanish/ or Portuguese subtitles - 84'
During 14 months, Peter Chappell followed the negociations between the World Bank and Uganda to describe and understand the abstract and obscur system wich shapes the North/South relationships and the futur of millions of people.

A documentary film by Kim Flitcroft
DVD5 - Pal - in English with French subtitles - 80'
UK, Sheffield. At the end of the 80s the steel industry collapses and the city's heart stops beating...

A documentary film by Raoul Peck
DVD5 Pal- in French, English and Haitian with French subtitles - 57'
In Port à Piment, a little Haitien village, Raoul Peck launches a reflection about the notion of profit in the period of globalisation.

A documentary film by Carole Fierz
DVD9-Pal - in Spanish with French and English subtitles- 59'
A portrait of Inés Bacán, a "cantaora flamenca", and her brother, the composer and guitar player, Pedro Bacán. An intimacy which brings them around the world, far from their daily life.
Bonus : Pedro Bacán and the Pininis in concert (60')

a feature film by Bénédicte Liénard
DVD9 - ntsc- in French with English, Spanish and Dutch subtitles-83'
Official selection Cannes 2002
A film without concessions which extols the refusal of oppression and the right to dignity. With this film, Bénédicte Liénard has made a raw and forceful work of art which exposes the weaknesses of a dehumanised system.
Bonus : The documentary film "Têtes aux murs" by Bénédicte Liénard (90') - Interview with Bénédicte Liénard and Bella Spiga (13')

A feature film by Thomas de Thier
Director Fortnight Cannes 2003
DVD9- Pal- in french with English and Dutch subtitles- 106'
Thomas de Thier give us a story about the loss of childhood and how to build up yourself and your life again when everything seems to be lost. Bonus: 2 short films "je suis votre voisin" and "caisse express" - Portrait of the director (27')

And also the documentary collection "Landscapes" by Jean-Loïc Portron.
The 19 films in this collection, each one lasting 27', offer us a detailled and precise view of the European landscape from geographical, economic, historical, social and esthetic aspects.
DVD 5 – Pal – original version with French subtitles – 27’/episode

Paysages 1
AUXEY-DURESSES (France 1997) A film by Jean-Loïc Portron, SISTERON (France 1998) A film by Jean-Loïc Portron, ILE DE SYMI (Greece 1997) A film by Jean-Loïc Portron

Paysages 2
ETRETAT (France 1997) A film by Jean-Loïc Portron, LORIENT (France 1996) A film by Jean-Loïc Portron, BITCHE (France 1996) A film by Jean-Loïc Portron

Paysages 3
EISENHUTTENSTADT (Germany 1999) A film by Jean-Loïc Portron, FOS-SUR-MER (France 1992) A film by Jean-Loïc Portron, HEBDEN BRIDGE (Great Britain 1995) A film by Jean-Loïc Portron

Paysages 4
CARCHUNA (Spain 1994) A film by Jean-Loïc Portron, BIERRE-LÈS-SEMUR (France 1992) A film by Jean-Loïc Portron, CAMPELLO ALTO (Italy 1993) A film by Jean-Loïc Portron

Paysages 5
BAGNOLET (France 1992) A film by Pierre Zucca, VAL D’HERENS (Swiss 1997) A film by Jean-Loïc Portron, PORTEL (Portugal 1996) A film by Jean-Loïc Portron

Paysages 6
TROMSØ (Norway 1999) A film by Jean-Loïc Portron, ISTAMBUL (Turkey 2000) A film by Jean-Loïc Portron, ST GILLES, ÎLE DE LA RÉUNION (France 1994) A film by Rada Jaganathen, TREIS KARDEN (Germany 1992) A film by Jean-Loïc Portron

Un film documentaire de Patricio Guzman
DVD9 – Pal – French Version or in Spanish with French subtitles, english and german subtitles
JBA édition
« I recall September 11, 1973, that dark day when America instigated a coup d’état to bring down the pacifist and democratic revolution that was taking place in a faraway country, Chile, my homeland. Salvador Allende, the President of the Republic, that “son of a bitch‚” as Richard Nixon liked to call him, was wiped out. I’ll never forget the brutality of the dictatorship that was then set up and stayed in power for more than 17 years, years of suffering, death, exile and during which time memory was obliterated. It’s time to remember Salvador Allende, this atypical, revolutionary man who was fanatical about democracy to the point of suicide, for historical reasons, of course, but also because he is so relevant to the terrible present." - Patricio Guzman.

a feature documentary by Robert Bozzi
DVD5 - Pal - Original version with french/english subtitles- 88'
« In 1970, I filmed the Portuguese community of the Saint-Denis shantytown. I saw it in its death throes. However, in the back of a shed, there was a mother and her new born son. Twenty five years later, I wanted to meet again these "people from the shantytowns", in order to know how they had passed through time. »

a feature documentary by Maher Abi Samra
DVD5 - Pal- versions: arabic, english, french - 52'
Maher ABI-SAMRA returns to the quarter of Ramel el Ali, in Beirut’s southern suburb, where he grew up. Settled in the 50s by a mostly Shiite community which came from the villages of southern Lebanon and the Beka Valley, this quarter grew on the rubble of the civil war. By the early 80s, it had become one of the strongholds of the Hizbollah. Two portraits of women, Zeinab and Khadije, activists in the Hizbollah, examine the personal, social and political factors of their commitment.

a feature documentary by Catalina Villar
DVD5 - Pal - Spanish original version with french/english subtitles - 75'
Medellin, too well know as the cartel’s city. An unbelievable level of violence. The suffering of the peasants chased off their lands, eaten away by war, overpopulation, unemployment. The first victims of this violence are the young children and the adolescents. Surviving is managed by trying to cling on to anything offering some semblance of peace: women (from families often reduced to their vestiges), school (bereft of means), the church (omnipresent). In a school run by quite a surprising teacher, adolescents attempt, try to write in their “Notebooks” the stories of their violent lives, to establish something they can depend on for orientation. Millerdad and Sandra, Maria-Eugenia and Doralba, Juan-Carlos and Camilo tell about their mother’s kindness, the absence of fathers, the battle to survive, and above all, childhood and the will to live.

a feature film by Pengau Nengo
DVD5 - Pal - VO with french/english subtitles - 90'
“Papa”, one of the chiefs of a tribe in the highlands, is taxi driver of a "Tinpis", a collective bush-taxi (a sardine tin in Pidgin). Saved from an accident by Naaki, a young man from the city, he offers him his daughter in thanks. Joanna and Naaki, however, refuse that their happiness be decided by her father, even though they have already fallen in love. Through a burlesque comedy, we see this unique country with its complex society where the generation gap is accentuated and magnified by the changes in clan life, men and women, the days and the centuries. The first Papou feature film.

a feature film by Raoul Peck
Patrick Lumumba, the hero of Congolese independence, was not yet 30 when the first tremors of botched decolonisation thrust him to the forefront of the international political area. After a course of a few years, Lumumba, became the most reviled man of this intense cold war periode. Becoming Prime Minister of one of the richest countries in Africa, Lumumba’s destiny as tragic hero was charted, his assassination already programmed. He would remain in power only three months. All that remained for his assassins to do was dipose of his body.
DVD9 – Pal – Original version with english or french subtitles – 110’

a feature film by Maria de Medeiros
In Portugal, late in the night of April 24 to 25, 1974, the radio broadcast an outlawed song: "Grândola". It could have just been an act of insubordination by a rebellious journalist. It was in fact the preplanned signal triggering the military coup which was to change the face of this country and the destiny of vast territories in Africa.
DVD5 – Pal – French version and original version with english or french subtitles

a feature film by Rithy Panh
August 1992. Savannah, 28 years old, finds himself back in Phnom Penh after four years fighting the Khmer Rouge. Like the rest of his generation, he's known only war since infancy, camps, hunger and massacres. All he's got left now is his uncle, Sôn, as the rest of the family was entirely annihilated by Pol Pot's regime. One evening, at the dance bar where his war buddy Maly is working as b o u n c e r, Savannah falls prey to the charm of the beautiful Srey Poeuv, one of the bar girls, who, from time to time, also serve the desires of the richest patrons. The two young people from a sacrificed generation are soon to be victims to their own passion. Madly in love with Srey Poeuv, Savannah goes back to the ring and kick boxing. He tries to convince the young girl to give up her work as "companion" and to live a "normal life" with him. They make a pact, to try never again to sell their bodies, in any fashion. But it's already too late in their precarious universe, passion dragging along with it the one who wanted to live toward an ineluctable death, while forcing the one who wanted to die to live with the memory of their love.
DVD5 – Pal - original version with french or english subtitles – 109’

a feature film by Merzak Allouache
The country mouse, Alilo, arrives wide-eyed from Algiers to do a little business. The town mouse, his cousin Mok, French-born and Parisian to the core, is there to meet him. Alilo loses the address of the guy he is supposed to meet and they spend a frantic week trying to track down the suitcase which he absolutely has to take back to Algiers. During this enforced stay, Alilo's constant amazement reflects the stifling strictures of Algerian society, while Mok's endless survival tricks show up the extreme harshness of life in Paris. Alilo finds true love and misses his return flight, little knowing that Mok, his "pure French" cousin, has fallen foul of the law and been deported to Algeria.
DVD5 – Pal – Original version with french or english subtitles – 99’

a documentary by Olivier Ballande
Antananarivo, capital city of Madagascar. Amazed at the startling gap between the punishment and the crime, Olivier Ballande and Alice Mallet decided to follow day after day Joseph and Victorien's steps in the Madagascan judicial system. They testify underdevelopment and the fate reserved to this generation of children.
DVD5 – Pal – Original version with french or english subtitles – 58’

two features films by Ramadan Suleman
Zulu love letter – 100’ :Johannesburg is in a state of euphoria two years after the first democratic elections. Here Thandeka, a young black journalist, lives in fear of her country’s past. She’s so troubled that she can’t work, and her relationship with Mangi, her 13-year-old, profoundly deaf daughter, goes from bad to worse. Then, one day Me’Tau, an elderly woman, arrives at the newspaper. Ten years earlier, Thandeka witnessed the murder of Me’Tau’s daughter, Dineo, by the secret police. Me’Tau wants Thandeka to find the murderers and Dineo’s body so that the girl can be buried in accordance with tradition. Both women are unaware that the killers are lurking nearby. What Me’Tau couldn’t know is that Thandeka has already paid for her knowledge, for having dared stand up to the apartheid system run by the whites. Mangi secretly prepares a Zulu love letter, four embroidered images representing solitude, loss, hope, and love, as a final gesture towards her mother so that she won’t give up the fight.
Fools – 85’ : Charterston Township 1990. Professor Zamani is respected in the township. To be sure, he once raped one of his students but the community turned a blind eye. Zamani used to rail against the apartheid system but those days are long gone. Now he teaches South African history in the Afrikaner language and grudgingly organizes the picnic for National Day, which commemorates the Boers' massacre of the Zulu nation... When Zani, the rape victim's brother returns from Swaziland where he won a place in school, he is determined to change everything. In the small hours, in the waiting room at Johannesburg station, he runs into Prof. Zamani, who's spent the night on the town. They travel back together to the harsh reality of the township. In due course, Zamani regains some of his pride and Zani, inevitably, loses some of his under the gaze of the women, who never renounced their dignity.
DVD9 – Pal – Original version with french and english subtitles

a feature documentary by Stefano Savona
Built around the notes of Akif, a young Kurdish freedom fighter, the film is the chronicle of a group of warriors who cross the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan to reach the combat zones of the Turkish border.
DVD5 – Pal – French version and original version with english or french subtitles – 79’

a film by Claude Timon Gaignaire
1940, a young teacher who dreams about the Mediterranean, is nominate in an isolated village in the Lozère. In spite of the savagery of the war and the outside world, he arouses among his pupils a spirit of peace and humanism. But, he would have to leave his refuge of childhood and books, for slide towards the obliged violence of the resistance.

DVD9 – Pal – VO français – 118’

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