a film by  CHEN ZHUN film 28'
in French and Chinese - subtitled in French - beta sp pal 4/3 - photography: all rights reserved
Ayoug Asian man, wanders, absolutly lost in the streets of Paris. Voice over in a strange foreign language, reminds to the man that there has been some mistake, that directions, places, thoughts, judgements, and decisions are
elsewhere: strange superposition between two cultures. Double sensation: abstraction of forms, black and white and colours, interior meditation and observation of the world. Double feeling of freedom and emprisonment.
author-director CHEN ZHUN - producer JACQUES BIDOU - productions JBA PRODUCTION, ZDF - HE TING, MA DESHENG, CONG SHAN - image LU YUE - sound STéPHANE THIEBAUT - year of production 1991
all rights reserved
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