ines, my sister
a film by  CAROLE FIERZ documentary 59'
in Spanish - subtitled in French / in English - beta sp pal 4/3 stereo / dvd (multizone/dvd9-pal) - ©photography: Philippe Fresco
Inès is daughter, grand-daughter, great granddaughter of singers, an Andalousian gipsy dynasty. One night, after 38 years of silence, she broke out in a song which left all the family
stupified and moved. Her brother, a famous guitar player, magnetized by this strange sister, took her around the world, far from her every-day life. A simple love story.
author-director CAROLE FIERZ - producer JACQUES BIDOU - productions JBA PRODUCTION, FRANCE 3 SUD, ALURICAN, PéRIPHéRIE, SEGONA UNITAT - image NED BURGESS - sound STéPHANE THIEBAUT - music PEDRO BACAN - year of production 1996 - RPCA 81 957
all rights reserved
jba production • 16, rue Ste Marthe 75010 Paris
t : +33(0)1 48 04 84 60 •
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