my american family
a film by  ROBERT BOZZI documentary 57'
in English with French voice-over - subtitled in French / English version - beta num pal 4/3 mono / beta sp pal 4/3 mono - ©photography: Margary Ethel Rhodes
Crossing the desert, I think about Ebby. After ten years of being separated by an ocean and a continent, I'm going back, back to my wife's home to shoot the film I promised her mother I'd make. It all started with a head-over-heels love-at-first-sight encounter. Margarey-Ethel and Ray-Gene were
16 when they got married. Colorado was born the following year, the oldest of their ten children. With pockets full of holes myself, I would have loved to have had a rich old American uncle, but love decided otherwise.I inherited a family of ten children in Las Vegas instead.
director ROBERT BOZZI - producer JACQUES BIDOU - productions JBA PRODUCTION, FRANCE 3 - editing AURéLIE RICARD - image ROBERT BOZZI - sound BERNARD PICAUT - year of production 2000
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