the carrese
a film by  GIORGIO DI NELLA documentary 56'
in Italian - subtitled in French - photography: all rights reserved
The chariot race in San Léo (Italy). Bulls harnessed to chariots from another age gallop at full speed over an 8 kilometre trail, spurred on from all sides through a whirlwind
of shouts and dust. Alliances, rivalries, magicians' tricks are the ingredients of village life that becomes ever more tense with the approach of the race.
author-director GIORGIO DI NELLA - producer JACQUES BIDOU - productions JBA PRODUCTION, LA SEPT ARTE, INA - image VINCENT BLANCHET - sound NICOLAS NAEGELEN - music DARIO D'ADDERIO - year of production 1988
all rights reserved
"Prix Enrico Fulchignoni au VIII° Bilan du Film Ethnographique de Paris" (France 1989)
"Blaise d'or au Festival de Film de fête de Valbonne" (France 1990)
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