the medellin notebooks
a film by  CATALINA VILLAR documentary 55'- 75'
in Spanish - subtitled in French / in English - beta num and beta sp pal mono 4/3 - photography: all rights reserved
Medellin, too well know as the cartel’s city. An unbelievable level of violence. The suffering of the peasants chased off their lands, eaten away by war, overpopulation, unemployment. The first victims of this violence are the young children and the adolescents. Surviving is managed by trying to cling on to anything offering some semblance of peace: women (from families often reduced to their vestiges), school (bereft of means), the
church (omnipresent). In a school run by quite a surprising teacher, adolescents attempt, try to write in their “Notebooks” the stories of their violent lives, to establish something they can depend on for orientation. Millerdad and Sandra, Maria-Eugenia and Doralba, Juan-Carlos and Camilo tell about their mother’s kindness, the absence of fathers, the battle to survive, and above all, childhood and the will to live.
author-director CATALINA VILLAR - producer JACQUES BIDOU - productions JBA PRODUCTION, ENTRE CHIEN ET LOUP, LA SEPT ARTE, PERIFILMS - image CARLOS SANCHEZ - sound CéSAR SALAZAR - year of production 1998 - RPCA 91 661
all rights reserved
"Prix découverte SCAM" (France 1999)
"Prix du long métrage et prix du public - Festival de Nyon" (Switzerland 1998)
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