voyages, voyages: "lake geneva"
a film by  PIERRE YVES MOULIN documentary 41'
in French - beta num pal 4/3 mono / beta sp pal 4/3 mono - photography: all rights reserved
Lake Geneva is Switzerland, its banks and palaces. Jean-Jacques Rousseau has made of this body of water a shrine of romanticism. But Lake Geneva also has a shore in the shadows, its French shore, with many hidden faces. From Fifi the fisherman to border inhabitants, from Lorna the pianist to Magnin
the border watchman, from Daniel the Macedonian who shows around tourists to customs officers hunting clandestine Kosovars, this voyage explores a more lively, commonplace Lake Geneva. Lake Geneva is perhaps the heart of the world?.for Ché Guévara, its the heart of a monster.
author-director PIERRE YVES MOULIN - producer JACQUES BIDOU - productions JBA PRODUCTION, LA SEPT ARTE - editing PIERRE YVES MOULIN, PASCALE MONS - image PIERRE YVES MOULIN - sound PIERRE YVES MOULIN - year of production 2000
all rights reserved
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