voyages,voyages: "namibia"
a film by  RINA SHERMAN documentary 42'
in Himba, Herero, Afrikaans, English - subtitled in French / English version - beta num pal 4/3 mono / beta sp pal 4/3 mono - photography: all rights reserved
Traveling to Himba country means going back to a time that no longer exists, but that nevertheless lights the way for the Africa of tomorrow. In the outlying districts of Opuwo,
capital of Kaokoland, the filmmaker lives at the rythmn of the Himbas. Here the papayas are ready to be tasted before they get ripe -- he knows, he was there.
author-director RINA SHERMAN - producer JACQUES BIDOU - productions JBA PRODUCTION, LA SEPT ARTE - image RINA SHERMAN - sound RINA SHERMAN - year of production 1998
all rights reserved
jba production • 16, rue Ste Marthe 75010 Paris
t : +33(0)1 48 04 84 60 •
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