voyages, voyages: "norway"
a film by  JEAN LOC PORTRON documentary 43'
in Norwegian, English - subtitled in French/ English version - beta num pal 4/3 mono / beta sp pal 4/3 mono - photography: all rights reserved
A journey to Tromso, in the far north of Norway, beyond the Arctic Circle, at the edge of the inhabited world. Awaiting the night and darkness,
Jean-Loc Portron's travelogue shows how people cope with obscurity when it invades the day to the point of eliminating it.
director JEAN LOC PORTRON - author JEAN-LOC PORTRON - producer JACQUES BIDOU - productions JBA PRODUCTION, LA SEPT ARTE - image JEAN LOC PORTRON - sound JEAN LOC PORTRON - year of production 1999
all rights reserved
jba production • 16, rue Ste Marthe 75010 Paris
t : +33(0)1 48 04 84 60 •
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