voyages, voyages: "vientiane"
a film by  DIDIER NION documentary 41' - 60'
in Laotian - subtitled in French - beta num 16/9 mono / beta num 4/3 mono / beta sp 4/3 mono - photography: all rights reserved
I always looked for it on globes, a kid's dream that didn't cost a cent." The Mekong carries its murmur and it is surely like a pearl placed in the middle of a great forest. Vientiane. The word itself resonates like a rare gem, poetical, at a human scale. In the form of images and sounds this voyage becomes the record of a small city heretofore voiceless, and far from the
mainstream of modernity. At the edge of the world, experience the city's breathing by day and by night, its vibrations and clashes, the meager, trembling lights, flamboyant neon signs. Shake oneself free of the weight of habit, open oneself to intuition, to the unexpected, drink of this city of turmoil and peaceful recesses. Vientiane to lose oneself in.
author-director DIDIER NION - producer JACQUES BIDOU - productions JBA PRODUCTION, LA SEPT ARTE - image DIDIER NION - sound DIDIER NION - year of production 2000
all rights reserved
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