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Jacques Bidou
French nationality
Bac in Philosophy
INSAS (Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle/Bruxelles)
From 1984 till 2006
STAR FILM, commercialisation for Spain: about 3.000 hours of television
CYRK SA, commercialisation libraries: Revcom, Movietime, Four Star, CED, MK2, etc.
Production of 2 long feature films, coproduction with DUE WEST (UK) and LEGENDE (FR) of "Colombus" by Ridley Scott (1991/1992)
JBA PRODUCTION produced around 100 films (documentaries and fictions)
Coproduction with LA SEPT, INA, TF1, FRANCE2, FRANCE 3 (FR), CANAL PLUS, CHANNEL 4 (UK), ZDF (G), TV3 et TVE (SP), RAI 3 (ITA), RTSR (CH), RTBF (B), NOS (NED), RTP (P), etc.

Main long features films
1994 "RICE PEOPLE" by Rithy Panh - Competition CANNES 94
"BAB EL OUED CITY" by Merzak Allouache - Official selection, CANNES 94
"XIME" by Sana N'hada - Official selection, CANNES 94
1995 "SALUT COUSIN!" by Merzak Allouache - Directors' Fortnight CANNES 96
"FLAME" by Ingrid Sinclair - Directors' Fortnight CANNES 96
1996"ARISTOTLE'S PLOT" by J.-Pierre Bekolo -TORONTO, SUNDANCE 96
"FOOLS" by Ramadan Suleman - LOCARNO 97
"DANCE OF THE WIND" by Rajan Khosa - VENICE 97
"ONE EVENING AFTER THE WAR" by Rithy Panh - Off. selection CANNES 98
"OS MUTANTES" by Teresa Villaverde - Official selection CANNES 98
98-99 "KARVAAN" by Pankaj Butalia VENICE 99
"APRIL'S CAPTAINS" by Maria de Medeiros Official selection, CANNES 00
"LUMUMBA" by Raoul Peck Directors' Fortnight, CANNES 00
2000 "THOMAS EST AMOUREUX" by Pierre-Paul Renders, VENICE 00
"BACKDOOR" by Yorgos Tsemberopoulos
2001 "PAU AND HIS BROTHER" by Marc Récha, Competition CANNES 01
"UNE PART DU CIEL" by Bénédicte Liénard, Official Selection, CANNES 02
02-03 " DES PLUMES DANS LA TETE » de Thomas de Thier, Directors' Fortnight, CANNES 03
" LES MAINS VIDES » by Marc Recha, Official Selection, CANNES 03
04-05 " ZULU LOVE LETTER " by Ramadan Suleman, Official Selection VENISE 04
" SALVADOR ALLENDE " by Patricio Guzman, Official Selection CANNES 04
07-08 " SALT OF THIS SEA " by Annemarie Jacir, Official Selection CANNES 08
" SALAMANDRA " by Pablo Agüero, Directors' Fortnight , CANNES 08
2009 "FACE" by Tsai Ming-Liang - Official Selection CANNES 09
2010 "THE ENERGUMEN" by Jean-Loïc Portron
2011 "CORPO CELESTE " by Alice Rohrwacher - Directors' Fortnight CANNES 2011
2012 "A RESPECTABLE FAMILY" by Massoud Bakhshi, Directors' Fortnight CANNES 12
"THE REPENTANT " by Merzak Allouache, Directors' Fortnight CANNES 12
"VIRGEM MARGARIDA" by Licinio Azevedo, TORONTO 12
"DOG FLESH" by Fernando Guzzoni, SAN SEBASTIAN 12
2013 "STRAY DOGS" by Tsai Ming-Liang, Grand Prix du Jury VENICE FILM FESTIVAL 2013
"THE ROOFTOPS" by Merzak Allouache, in competition at the VENICE FILM FESTIVAL 2013

2014 "CAIN'S CHILDREN" by Marcell Gero, in competition at the San Sebastian Film Festival 2014
2015 "EVA DOESN'T SLEEP" by Pablo Agüero, Toronto and in competition at the San Sebastian Film Festival 2015
"RISING VOICES" by Bénédicte Liénard and Marie Jimenez

Main Documentaries
"SOUTH-AFRICAN CHRONICLES" (1rst Prize Bruxelles 88), "SITE 2" (1rst Prize Amiens & best documentary of the year Scam 89), "CHAPARE" (Prize of the Jury Biarritz 90), "THE NEAR AND THE FAR" (1rst Prize Geneva 91), "ONE WAY" (94), "TALES FROM A HARD CITY" (1rst Prize Marseille 94), "MY VOTE IS MY SECRET" (Prize Joris Ivens, Réel Paris 95), "LES GENS DES BARAQUES" (Best documentary Scam 96), "INES, MY SISTER" (96), "FAUSTO COPPI" (Award Banff 97), "OUR FRIENDS AT THE BANK" (Silver Fipa 98), "DIARIO EN MEDELLIN" (1rst Prize Nyon 98), "JUSTICE" (Mitrani Prize Fipa 99), « MY AMERICAN FAMILY (Nion, Marseille 2000), « TAXI PARISIEN » (Competition, Locarno Festival 2002), « NOTES FROM A KURDISH REBEL » (Competition Reel 2006), « FUCKING SHEFFIELD » (Sheffield festival 2006) and the "ENERGUMEN" by Jean-Loïc Portron

November 2015 - in post production "JESUS" (ex "NiÑO NADIE") by Fernando Guzzoni (Chile), "BORN FREE" by a workshop of young south african directors and "TIERRA DEL MAL" by Daniele Incalcaterra (Paraguay). In development "SOW THE WIND" by Danilo Caputo (Italy) and "YALDA" by Massoud Bakhshi (Iran)

From 1995 to 1998 Vice-chairman of the Association FEMIS
From 1998 to 2011 Administrator of FEMIS
1990 & 1991 Group leader EAVE (Media I)
1992 Head of studies EAVE Greece
From 1995 to 1998 Head of studies "Produire en Région" (France)
1998 & 1999 Group leader EAVE (Media II)
1999 to 2013 Head of studies EURODOC (Media +)
2011 to 2013 Head of studies DOCMED (Euromed audiovisual)

Main role in "MONDAY MORNING" by Otar Iosselani, Silver Bear , and best Mise en scène, Berlin 2002
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Les Enfants du Diable
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