Start shooting of “Sow the wind” by Danilo Caputo on Monday 18 March. Region of Taranto in Puglia. The “liothrips caeruleus” decimates the olive trees, Nica (Yile Vianello) decided to fight. She is looking for the antagonist insect in an area where insecticides and pollution have killed everything. But pollution is also in the heads and[…]


Sadaf Asgari, on the front page, is Maryam in the latest born, just finished, of JBA, “YALDA” by Massoud Bakhshi. The second feature film by this young Iranian filmmaker, we produced the first “A respectable family” (Cannes 2012).  


WAJIB, WAJIB!! AGAIN End of July Wajib picked up BEST FILM at the Prishtina International Film Festival in Kosovo, BEST FILM in Casablanca Film Festival, Cine Ville, and the JURY PRIZE as well as BEST ACTOR for both Mohamad Bakri and Saleh Bakri at the Arab Film Festival of Oran, Algeria. Earlier awards include Best[…]

JESUS by Fernando Guzzoni

“JESUS” in France in the Autumn from 10 till 18 November in competition to the AMIENS FILM FESTIVAL and 14 to 21 to the FESTIVAL CHÉRIE CHÉRI. “JESUS” de Fernando Guzzoni (Chile), full-length film, with Nicolas Duran and Alejandro Goïc produce by Marianne Dumoulin, Jacques Bidou and Giancarlo Nasi After TORONTO, SAN SEBASTIAN, HAMBURG, MADRID, THESSALONIKI, TORINO where Nicolas[…]

DUTY by Annemarie Jacir

After LOCARNO, TORONTO, candidate for the BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM OSCAR. Annemarie Jacir’s “Wajib” (Duty) has been chosen as Palestine’s official candidate for the best foreign language film Oscar. The film garnered buzz at its sold out world premiere in official competition at Locarno last month, where it won three independent prizes, the FICC/IFFS Prize, the Youth[…]