SOW THE WIND by Danilo Caputo

SOW THE WIND by Danilo Caputo Apulia, south of Italy. Set among olive trees and industrial wrecks, a story of rebellion and rebirth. Those who sow the wind, shall reap the storm. TRAILER FESTIVALS ATELIER DE CANNES 2016 TURIN 2016 Torino Film Lab  VISUAL  Télécharger le DOSSIER CREDIT author director DANILO CAPUTO producers MARIANNE DUMOULIN  JACQUES BIDOU[…]

YALDA by Massoud Bakhshi

a film by MASSOUD BAKHSHI IRAN • 90 – 100′ Coproduction between France, Iran, Germany & Switzerland Shooting: March 2018 Selection « Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde » Cannes 2016, supported an developped at the TorinoFilmLab, winner of the Coproduction Award and Audience Award, selection at the SundanceLab winner of the Global Filmaking Award. Maryam (26) is “temporarily married” to Naser (65). She accidentally kills him, but is pregnant with[…]


COLOMBIA  •  75′ a movie by CATALINA VILLAR Medellin, too well know as the cartel’s city. An unbelievable level of violence. The suffering of the peasants chased off their lands, eaten away by war, overpopulation, unemployment. The first victims of this violence are the young children and the adolescents. Surviving is managed by trying to cling[…]


IRAQ/TURKEY  •  78′ a film by STEFANO SAVONA Built around the notes of Akif, a young Kurdish freedom fighter, the film is the chronicle of a group of warriors who cross the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan to reach the combat zones of the Turkish border. FESTIVALS “Compétition Internationale, Cinéma du réel, Paris” (France 2006) “Prix International de la SCAM[…]


SOUTH AFRICA a film by the VARAN WORKSHOP OF JOHANNESBURG Réalisées par 12 jeunes cinéastes Sud-Africains, ces chroniques nous offrent un regard unique sur la violence quotidienne du régime de l’Apartheid dans les différentes communautés qui sont accessibles à chacun d’eux. Le simple rapprochement de ces chroniques et de ces espaces est explosif. Les images parlent. FESTIVALS GRAND PRIX[…]

JESUS by Fernando Guzzoni

“JESUS” in France in the Autumn from 10 till 18 November in competition to the AMIENS FILM FESTIVAL and 14 to 21 to the FESTIVAL CHÉRIE CHÉRI. “JESUS” de Fernando Guzzoni (Chile), full-length film, with Nicolas Duran and Alejandro Goïc produce by Marianne Dumoulin, Jacques Bidou and Giancarlo Nasi After TORONTO, SAN SEBASTIAN, HAMBURG, MADRID, THESSALONIKI, TORINO where Nicolas[…]


PALESTINE/FRANCE  •  90′ a film by ANNEMARIE JACIR Abu Shadi is a divorced father and a school teacher in is mid-60s living in Nazareth. After is daughter’s wedding in one month he will be living alone. Shadi, is architect son, arrives from Rome after years abroad to help is fatherin hand delivering the wedding invitations to each[…]

DUTY by Annemarie Jacir

After LOCARNO, TORONTO, candidate for the BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM OSCAR. Annemarie Jacir’s “Wajib” (Duty) has been chosen as Palestine’s official candidate for the best foreign language film Oscar. The film garnered buzz at its sold out world premiere in official competition at Locarno last month, where it won three independent prizes, the FICC/IFFS Prize, the Youth[…]