COLOMBIA  •  75′ a movie by CATALINA VILLAR Medellin, too well know as the cartel’s city. An unbelievable level of violence. The suffering of the peasants chased off their lands, eaten away by war, overpopulation, unemployment. The first victims of this violence are the young children and the adolescents. Surviving is managed by trying to cling[…]


SOUTH AFRICA  •  90′ a film by the VARAN WORKSHOP OF JOHANNESBURG Made by 12 young South-African film-makers, these chronicles give us a unique look into the daily violence of the Apartheid system as seen from within the different communities. Simply bringing these chronicles, these spaces into contact is explosive; there is no commentary to add, the images[…]


GREAT-BRITAIN a movie by JEAN LOïC PORTRON “Voyages” in the Highlands. Jean-Loïc Portron’s travelogue describes the highlands of Sutherland, the harshness of the soil and the Lord’s violence. In the moors, people hunt grouse; in the villages they play football; on the Isle of Mull, there’s a theater. In the Highlands, people love stories so much[…]